Due to the current state of the Covid-19 pandemic, our happiness is currently postponed. Please standby for updates.

Venue Guide

This joyous moment of our lives will be held at the Pennes Farm in Highland, New York. It is a very lovely goat farm that is maintained and cared for by the Pennes family. This wonderful property boasts beautiful views of the surrounding area and offers a nice breath of fresh air. With that being said, this is most definitely an outdoor wedding on a farm. Leave your heels and long dresses at home.

The map below is an overview of the Venue. The far left is a field with ample parking for all those who will be driving in. On the right side stands a waterfall, which will be serving as the wedding's backdrop. The ceremony is expected to last around 15 minutes. We will then walk up to the tent where there will be music, drinks, food, and fun! When the sun starts setting, we will also light a bon-fire.

There will be a small shuttle around the farm for anyone who needs it.

The ceremony starts at 2:00pm on the dot, seriously, that's in , please be eagerly on time.

Venue Map

Outdoor Wedding Dress Code

This is a general guideline for outdoor weddings. This not a formal event, but there are some guidelines to make you feel less awkward. Your comfort should be a priority, but there may (or may not) be a photo of you, in whatever you choose to wear, hung in our house for the rest of our lives. Below are some suggestions to help you make an informed decision.


A nice sun dress, mini dress, or midi dress. Avoid anything with too much beading or bling. Stay away from sequins, metallics, and satins. Opt for soft fabrics like lace and chiffon. Wedges and block heels are the perfect shoes for an outdoor wedding, as they'll let you be sturdy on your feet while still looking good. Cowboy boots are always an option!

Gal Dress-1 Gal Dress-2


There's NO NEED for a tuxedo. If you plan to wear a suit, stick with light colors like tan and pale grey. You might even want to go with a vest and khakis, pants or shorts.

Guy Dress-1 Guy Dress-2

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